Where were you yesterday?

This song help us to introduce the grammar in 4th grade.

The structure will be Where were you yesterday? introducing the past simple of the verb to be in this way.

Thanks for watching!

4th and 5th grade!!!
Here it is the song of WAS or WERE!!!
It is very important that you practice with this song about the past simple of the verb to be.
Are you ready?


Froggy gets dressed

Clothing song

Hi there!!

Andrés, from 5th grade A, found a song to learn more about Clothes vocabulary.

It is from Dream English and it is very useful to introduce the grammar structure  of What are you wearing?

Thanks a lot, Andrés!


City Unit

This unit is about CITY in 4th grade!!Yeah!!
We were going to learn some famous buildings of London city.

To work on it we will use some tales:

We completely must GO to LONDON from Charlie and Lola Stories.

Katie in London from James Mayhew.

And its recreation on Youtube:

The Queen´s hat from Steve Antony.

Some videos about the city:

And songs:

Bye bye!! We hope you enjoy!!


Mr´s Bean goes shopping

Good afternoon English lovers!!

Today we were watching this Mr's Bean video to introduce a topic about shopping in 6th grade.

We also like this cartoon one.

I hope you like it!


Good afternoon everyone!

To introduce the topic of Clothes in 5th grade and the topic of Shopping in 6th we will use this funny song from Steve.

Another song from Steve is about an amazing Fashion show, I love it!